Guided Contemplation. Ambient Music. Place of Beauty.

First Tuesday of Every Month

Upstairs at the Pacific Cultural Center Gallery

1307 Seabright Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

By Donation.

About the Salon

Consciousness Salon is a bridge for those interested in new ways of communicating about our ever more complex world that we share and
at the same time highlighting our innate spiritually.

Our meetings are held in a circle with a ‘place of beauty‘ at the center that is intended to be a focus of attention so as not to be distracted by subtle gestures of acceptance or rejection.

The group is leaderless with an emphasis on listening, allowing
each person to express themselves but is moderated so that a quality of
dialogue, curiosity and exploration can be maintained.

By listening deeply to each other in silence, it allows people to discover and sort out what is true for themselves and others in the group. But more importantly, and what takes a little courage is to experience speaking from your own truth
and to claim the power inherent in that.

To speak in this way becomes a kind of practice or exercise that strengthens a will to tell the truth in places and circumstances that desperately need not only fearless speakers but articulate ones.

All subjects are embraced as this is a “salon” modeled after the 19th century
salons of Paris and conflicting points of view often arise. This is part of the adventure of the evening and is part of any healthy dialogue. We encourage not being timid and not being overbearing as well.

Consciousness Salon is a blank slate or canvas to be filled and colored
uniquely at each gathering. It is a setting of open ended possibility to share ideas and conundrums in an aura of mutual listening.

We start with live music; sitar, hand pan or guitar and begin the meeting with a
short introduction and a moment of opening silence. A different speaker
begins the talk with fresh ideas to offer a starting point. From there the salon
has a life of it’s own and you are invited.

Facilitated by Belinda Clements and jRj Rauche

Upstairs at the Pacific Cultural Center gallery
1307 Seabright Avenue, Santa Cruz CA 95060.
By donation.